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Metropolitan International University (MIU) is one of the fastest growing institutions accredited and licensed by the Government of Uganda through the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). It’s mandated among others, to conduct research and teach both undergraduate & postgraduate programmes in diverse academia.The University’s Directorate of Research is mandated to enhance academic leadership, research capacity and bettering global visibility and partnership.The Metropolitan International University Press provides technical support and profesional expertise through the Research Directorate aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of research & publication.

About the Journals
MIU Journal of Science and Technology(MJST);MIU Journal of Business & Economics(MJBE); MIU Journal of Social & Educational Research(MJSER) and MIU Journal of Environmental & Health Research(MJEHR) are bi-annual international peer-reviewed publications by the Metropolitan International University Press(MIUP) under the auspices of the Directorate of Research.The aim of these university-based journals are to promote the exchange of scientific ideas and to bring together researchers, scientists, technologist,social scientists, educators, engineers, academics and policy-makers. The journals are open for the academic world and research institutes, academic and professional libraries, graduate students and PhD candidates, academic and non-academic researchers and research teams. Our goal is to provide original, relevant, and timely information from a diversity of sources with immense integrity for the need of scholars. Please help us achieve our goal by publishing with us.
Scope and Thematic Focus
MJST, MJBE, MJSER and MJEHR are committed to present high quality, original and recent research focused on a wide range of thematic areas of Science, Education, Business, Technology, health, environment, engineering, and humanities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our publications welcome and acknowledge high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical notes from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students.
Our journals provide local and international opportunities for original research studies that seek to promote theoretical and empirical works that advance the understanding of theory and practice.Specifically we act as public voice for researchers and scholars alike, offering contributors the arena that enables unrestricted responses and at the same time ensuring the journals have visibility, validity and relevance in the fast-growing global education landscape.
Manuscript Reviewing Process
All manuscripts are subject to a double blind peer review by the members of the editorial board who are noted experts in the appropriate subject area.Every article will be reviewed by a masked peer review by two referees. The criteria used for acceptance of articles are contemporary relevance, contribution to knowledge, clear and logical analysis, fairly good English and sound methodology of research articles. The Editors reserve the right to publish articles once submitted by the authors and also having the right to reject any manuscript as unsuitable in topic, style or form without requesting external review.
Guidelines for Authors
All Manuscripts should be original and unpublished.Submissions must include some personal information about the author(s), designation(rank and status), affiliation, email, telephone etc. The length of the article between the words 3000-8500 words. The margins should be kept 1.5 on all sides of the paper. Tahoma font 11 size and 1 line spacing should be used. An abstract not exceeding 200 words and 5-7 key words should be accompany the articles. All submissions to our Journals shall be property of Metropolitan International University Press(MIUP). Every article should be contained with appropriate Research Methodology. Keep all the references in alphabetical order at last page of the article and follow APA style. Article may be submitted by an attachment processed on MS-Words for windows; there is no need for submitting hard copies of the article. Each author should submit declaration form.The language must be checked properly and authors responsible for the accuracy of figures, quotations and references. Submissions accepted for publication in the first two editions are published free of charge. Subsequently, there may be processing fee for publication of articles which covers hard copy cost, postal charges, proof reading, bank charges and processing fee. One hard copy of the Journal will be posted to the main author.Articles are accepted throughout the year and priority will be given to the articles having quality which should be sent at an early date. Authors are warned that double submission is ilegal where an article is submitted more than one publishing journal at the same time.
Contact Information For submission of manuscripts and other related matters regarding the journal, please contact:

Editor in Chief Directorate of Research & Innovation Metropolitan International University
Off Kampala-Hoima Highway Namungona P.O Box 75318, Kampala-Uganda

Tel: +256 393225927; +256 701650 111
The contents of MIU Journals do not necessarily reflect the opinions or position of the Editorial Boards, Metropolitan International University Press or the Governing Council.Neither Metropolitan International University nor any person acting on its behalf is responsible for the use which may be made of the information in the publications. The views published in the journals are entirely those of the authors. The materials printed in our journals are copyright and should not be reproduced without the written permission of the Directorate of Research. Any dispute that may arise relating to the journals shall be peacefully settled by the parties before an agreed Mediation. If mediation fails, then it shall go before an agreed Arbitrator using English Language and the applicable Laws of the Republic of Uganda

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