To Student’s Community
Dean of Students.

Dear Students,
As we close out this semester, I want to congratulate each of you upon successful completion of part of your academic journey. You have all worked incredibly hard to get through this semester. I have been impressed and inspired to see how you all came together and rose to the occasion when faced with all sorts of difficulties and made it through till this terminal time.
Whether you are a graduating or a continuing student, we know that the future remains unknown. As Metropolitan International University we value the close connections we share, know that whatever the future holds, we will always be here to support you as mentors and friends.
To our graduating students, I know the unceremonious end to the semester and your time at MIU comes as a disappointment. We are disappointed, too. We wish we could gather in person to give you every recognition you deserve. I hope that you will let the many memories you have made during your time here outshine the memory of the hard exams’ times. We applaud you and all that you have accomplished and will welcome you back to campus to celebrate your great graduation come Friday 24th February, 2023.
Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your journey. The energy, enthusiasm and vision that you bring to Metropolitan International University, refreshes and inspires each of us. Your growth helps us grow.
Many congrats, wish you all merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2023!

Adepo Francis,
Dean of Students,
Email: Tel. +256 753 677 791

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