About MIU

Metropolitan International University (MIU) is a private university that was established by the National Council for Higher Education in November 2016, in accordance with the laws of Uganda. MIU is accredited to run academic programmes at all levels of the Higher education system.

MIU seeks and creates opportunities in technology and management sciences through innovative research, partnerships, students and alumni engagement. It is the only university in Uganda that has successfully infused the teaching and learning processes with appropriate information and communications technologies. MIU uses ‘blended learning’ techniques: An education program that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods and independent study to implement learning. All MIU academic programmes are fully developed as e-learning programmes. All teaching, learning and assessment are done through the online e-learning platform for both campus and distance students. Therefore, MIU continued and is continuing with teaching and learning during the Covid-19 lockdown. The academic programmes are designed to be always evolving to meet market needs and the emphasis of each curriculum is on critical thinking, creativity problem-solving, communications, collaboration and leadership.

MIU offers students a unique and exceptional educational opportunity through a multi-sector approach, quality education and innovative research in emerging fields of technology and management sciences. MIU’s performance and reputation is as excellent as its staff, students, researchers and alumni. I invite you to explore our website -as we fulfil our motto – “Empowerment through knowledge creation

Vice Chancellor

Dr. Arinaitwe Julius. PhD


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