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December 8, 2020    By admin   

Clearance for Non-Finalists Extended

To all Metropolitan International University Students and Staff
From University Management

As you may be aware; there will be end of semester exams for the semester that was started in January 2020 in the Off-Campus Mode (take-home) for all non-finalist students (Year 1 Semester 1, Year 1 Semester 2, Year 2 Semester 1, Year 2 Semester 2).

Following outcry from a considerable number of students, parents and other benefactors citing poor economy due to COVID19 lockdown effects, Clearance for the examinations has been extended up to Sunday 15th November 2020. Therefore, exams for cleared up students will be issued on Monday 16th November 2020 by email.
At clearance, candidates are required to present the semester’s payment slips, a passport photo and a functional email address before they are cleared for papers.

Academic Registrar