Program overview
This short course aims to provide participants with essential computer skills and knowledge that can be applied in both personal and professional settings. The course covers common applications like word processing, spreadsheets, database management and presentations.

General objectives

  • Understand basic computer hardware components and how they function
  • Learn the foundations of operating systems and interface with software programs
  • Gain proficiency in using productivity tools like Microsoft Office
  • Develop skills for storing, organizing and sharing digital information

Specific objectives

  • Operate a personal computer system and peripheral devices
  • Navigate file structures and manage files and folders
  • Create, edit and format standard business documents in MS Word
  • Develop and analyse data in MS Excel worksheets and charts
  • Design and deliver presentations using MS PowerPoint
  • Input, organize and retrieve data using MS Access or other databases

Target groups

  • Individuals with limited prior computer experience seeking to learn basic digital literacy
  • Employees wanting to upgrade their computer skills for work purposes
  • Students requiring computer skills for academic or future career needs

Duration: 1 Months


East African :Shs.300,000

Others: $100