Mrs Jill Magret Natukunda

Mrs Jill Magret Natukunda

Dean Faculty of Education


Faculty of Education has a large number of students actively enrolled in diverse and contextually relevant programs. Our diverse and rigorous programs are purposely structured to prepare students for real success in the competitive world.

Through our programs, students are trained and equipped with specialized skills in teachings, applied educational research in academic institutions, civil society, NGOs, and government departments.

At the faculty, we greatly value, celebrate, and promote diversity which is reflected in the structure of our students and staff fraternity. Our diversity is mirrored in gender, ethnicity, language, nationality, faith, educational level among others. This diversity is reinforced by the University’s strategic location at the confluence of four countries in the Great Lakes region of Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC). As a faculty, we not only rhetorically sing diversity, but we walk and talk diversity! In aligning our objective to the University mission to excel in generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge and skills development for lifelong learning and community service, the faculty of education is establishing through research a unique partnership with the Batwa Indigenous Community. At the crux of the partnership is the motivation to improve the quality of formal and Indigenous education for the traditionally marginalized Batwa Community.

To be the center of excellence in teacher education in the region.

To train a high caliber of teachers who can inspire and transform learners into responsible citizens with self-discipline, moral integrity and intellectual competence.