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MIU Celebrates Eid Ul Fitr: Changes to Exam Schedule

To : MIU Community
From :
Director, Quality Assurance

Dear MIU Community,

We are pleased to inform you that Metropolitan International University will be closed to celebrate Eid Ul Fitr on the day it is confirmed. This is a significant festival for our Muslim brothers and sisters, and we believe it is essential to observe and honor their religious customs and traditions.

As a result, the university will be closed on the day that Eid Ul Fitr is confirmed. The date of the holiday is subject to confirmation, but we will keep you updated via our official communication channels. We encourage all members of the MIU community to join in and celebrate this joyous occasion.

In light of the holiday closure, we wish to guide you on how exams will be rescheduled in case Eid Ul Fitr is confirmed on either Friday, 21st April 2023, or Saturday, 22nd April 2023. Exams that were scheduled for the day of the confirmed holiday will be moved to the next day, respectively. The timetable will remain the same, but the exam dates will be pushed by one day from the original timetable.

We hope that this guidance will help you to plan and prepare for your exams accordingly. We urge all students and staff to take note of this and adjust their schedules accordingly.

Finally, on behalf of the MIU community, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to all our Muslim brothers and sisters for a blessed and joyful Eid Ul Fitr. May this festival bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to all.

Eid Mubarak!

Director, Quality Assurance

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