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To New Students
Dean of Students.

Ladies and Gentlemen.  It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Metropolitan International University.

I wish to congratulate each of you first, on having secured your university place and second for having a good sense to choose to study in Metropolitan International University.

The Dean of Students office puts the student at the centre of everything it does, your experience here at MIU and your success is important to each and every member of staff who works in the different departments.

The Dean of Students office is responsible for the promotion and enhancement of students’ welfare and the discipline in the University.  To deliver this service, we create and oversee a variety of programs that include studies, accommodation, social extra-curricular activities, health, psychosocial support and student leadership.

This week and for the next few weeks you are likely to be bombarded with information and I am conscious of the danger of adding to information overload. Nevertheless, I wish to share a few pieces of information with you.


University’s Halls/Hostels of Residence

There are four Halls of Residence available to undergraduate students as shall be allocated on your respective Student’s IDs. Each admitted student to the University is attached to a Hall of Residence as part of the identity of that student. i.e; Kilimanjaro, Aarel, Everest and Fugil

Currently the Hostels are allocated to the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the Mbarara Campus.

Student’s stay and usage of facilities in Halls of Residence is guided and regulated by the University Rules and Regulations, which all students would study and get acquainted with especially the Nursing and Midwifery students at Mbarara Campus.


Over 95% of undergraduate students reside off campus in privately owned and operated rental units.  These are known as Non-Resident Students. Even others resort to come from home especially those who are blessed to be neighbors to the University.

However, the Dean of Students office together with the Guild Leadership, shall always keep inspecting through your different cribs to ensure adequate safety both hygienic and psychosocial security.


All students who reside in University Hostels/Halls are provided meals at the University dinning because the University students Regulations prohibit cooking in Halls of Residence.

To those who stay outside the university, find yourself refreshments at our precious canteen and the yet to be completed beautiful cafeteria just as you close nearer to the university premises in Mbarara.


Know where to go for help.

From now henceforth you will be expected to be more self-reliant. You are responsible for what you do, for ensuring that you do the work that will be required of you.

While we expect you to assume a new level of responsibility, please realise that you are not alone.  It you find things difficult don’t run away; seek help. Part of being responsible for yourself is to recognize when you need support for others.

TALK to people.  Talk to your roommates, classmates, your friends and students’ Guild leaders.  We know peer support contributes hugely to students’ success. 

Be in good books with your landlord, your Lecturer and don’t forget pastoral support provided by the University Health Services, Counselling and Guidance Centre and the religious based associations. Additionally, you are encouraged to make use of our partnership with the partner companies/organization that have rich programs for student engagements and career building.


Make the most of your time at Metropolitan International University.

Metropolitan International University has a range of experiences that will be availed to you.  You will have abundant opportunities to flourish as a student and as a person.

The University boasts of splendid sports amenities like Volleyball, Football, Music, Cultural explorations and many others as shall be discovered during your stay with us.  There is something to cater for every taste, the pitches, the volleyball court, squash courts/quadrangles, enjoy them and while here join one or more of the many clubs/Associations/communities and societies on campus e.g. Cultural clubs/Associations, academic clubs/Associations, religious based associations and many others.

Please appreciate that extra-curricular opportunities are linked to high quality student engagement and success. We have reserved every Friday afternoon to evening on our timetables to facilitate these co-curricular engagements across all our campus


The University takes responsibility for students seriously. The wellbeing and safety of our students is central to our planning. We will be actively working with partnered organizations/companies and other key stakeholders to implement our plans and mission “To transform the lives of our students and communities through provision of essential and up-to-date market-oriented, Vocational, entrepreneurial, and management training.”  We encourage you to move with us through this journey towards making Metropolitan International University the best higher Institution of Learning worldwide!

And with this piece of information, I wish you every success at Metropolitan International University and I am confident that you will find it an immensely rewarding experience.

Empowerment through knowledge Creation! Cheers!!

Dean of Students

“Empowerment through knowledge creation”