Rev. Mujabwami Herbert

M.A (UCU), B.A.E.D (Mak)

Under section 40 of the University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2003 (as amended) of Uganda, the University Council is the supreme organ of a Private University. By this law, the University Council is responsible for the overall administration of the University and ensures the due implementations of the objects and functions of the University Council.

Functions of the University Council:

  1. Be responsible for the direction of the administrative, financial, and academic affairs of the University.
  2. Formulate the general policy of the Public University;
  3. Give general guidelines to the administration and academic staff of the University on matters relating to the operations of the University;
  4. Do any other thing and take all necessary decisions conductive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University.

In performing its functions, the University Council has the following powers:

  1. Represent the University in all legal suits by and against the Public University;
  2. Receive gifts, donations, grants or other money and make disbursements as may be required, on behalf of the University;
  3. Fix scales of fees and boarding charges;
  4. Make statutes under this Act;
  5. Establish faculties, departments, boards, and courses of study and approve proposals for the creation or establishment of constituent colleges;
  6. Provide for the welfare and discipline of the students;
  7. Approve the University budget proposals and the final accounts submitted by the management;
  8. Approve the appointment of Deans and Deputy Deans of faculties.

Establishment of relevant committees of Council and these include:

  • The Appointments Board,
  • The Students’ Affairs and Disciplinary Committee,
  • The Audit & Risk Management Committee,
  • The Finance, Planning & Resource Mobilization Committee,
  • The Estates & Works Committee.

Formulation of University Policies (for staff and students).

  • The Human Resource Manual, 2018 (as amended),
  • Job Descriptions & Person Specifications Manual,
  • Staff Establishment (Structure) also approved by the Ministry of Public Service,
  • Staff Development & Academic Growth Policy,
  • Research Policy,
  • Directorate of Graduate Studies Policy,
  • The Strategic Plan 2018/2019 – 2019/2020,
  • The Students’ Guild Constitution (2017),
  • The Games & Sports Union Constitution (2017),
  • University ICT Policy (2019),
  • The Sports and Games Union Policy.


Achievements of the Current University Council:

Name Designation
Rev. Mujabwami Herbert Chairperson
Dr. Arinaitwe Julius Vice Chairperson
Dr. Ariyo K. Gracious Secretary to the Council
Hon. Nyirabashitsi Sarah Mateke Board of Trustees
Eng. Sabiiti Allan Board of Trustees Rep.
Dr. Tumuhereze Egidio Scholarly world Rep.
Prof. Jacinta S. Opara Scholarly world
Mr. Asiimwe Isaac Kazaara Representative Management
Mr. Munyambabazi Jonan Professional Bodies Rep.
Mr. Tukamuhebwa Deus Senate Representative
Ms Namigadde Gloria Students Rep. (Female)
Mr. Nkalubo Dauda Guild President
Ms. Akiror Iren Susan Representative Teaching Staff
Mr. Magala Muhammad Representative Teaching Staff
Ms Namuyonga Rabecca Representative Non-Teaching Staff
Mr. Tusingwire Stuart Professional Bodies Rep.